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I could tell you that I love you, but I'd be lying.

That madman broke the window. I went to the zoo yesterday. I heard her sing a song. Amy will start. I cannot afford a holiday. Lars used to have a good sense of humor. Dozens of pop stars are crowned and uncrowned every few years. I've never been there before.

We have physical education. Toerless struggles to make ends meet.

Do you have enough food?

This is the real thing. We tried hard to get first prize in the chorus contest. Do you really expect me to answer that? No one took pity on us when we were covered with dust. How is your sister's dog called? Whenever you download something from the Internet, make sure it's from a trusted source. "Wow, your brother is really handsome!" "And what am I, chopped liver?" Take care lest you should fall asleep.

Advice isn't much good to me. I need money. Jinny is a good choice. Sue hasn't finished all his homework yet. When did you seed the lawn? That young man deserves a raise in his wages. It seems probable that the licentiousness ordinarily imputed to Sappho may be a calumny. I can help do that.

I don't want to do that anymore.

In spite of the rain, we enjoyed our holiday. The rain just stopped. We can leave. Round-trip fares to each destination are as follows. I met Brendan when I was staying in Boston.

I admit it won't be easy. Tell us exactly what you did. We're going to be late again. He really gets into anything he tries.

You promised you'd stay. Forget the past, live the future. I was speaking with Alain. He gave her a box. Your kiss is sweeter than honey. It used to be bigger. He messed up the stage that he had set up so carefully. I enjoyed myself very much. We'd better win.

You're just going to have to trust me.

According to the TV, it will be fine today. There might be problems. Be quiet for a moment. Ukrainian girls are the most beautiful girls in the world. He was given an important mission. Sanand now understands what's going on. I don't know about the others, but as for me, I'm for it. The problem is that that circuit is in series. He is in want of money. What's Toerless hiding?

Raghu seems to have gained weight. How many tentacles does an octopus have? Maybe I should also add sentences without translations? It is a very fast way of improving the popularity of one's own language. I don't believe in keeping my feelings bottled up. I saw a bow in my dream. She has the habit of clearing her throat whenever she's nervous. Transparency promotes accountability and provides information for citizens about what their Government is doing. What do you think will happen?

I cannot drive a motorcycle, much less a car. Would you please pour me a cup of coffee? I still don't understand this. The fox has a long tail and pointed ears. Am I the only one here? I heard that Rajarshi went to Boston.